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The University of Edinburgh is globally recognised for its research, development and innovation and has been providing students with world-class teaching for more than 425 years (ranked 20th best university in the World, 5th in UK, 1st in Scotland). The School of Engineering was ranked third in the last Research Assessment Exercise (HEFCE) in terms of quality and volume of research activities among Engineering Schools in the United Kingdom, after the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

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Kristin Luttik, IDCORE Research Engineer

At the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) 2016 conference one of our IDCORE Engineering Doctorate Students, Anthony Gray, won first prize in the ICOE Poster competition.  ICOE 2016 is attended by wave and tidal industry leaders and associations as well as students and academi

Anthony, seen here receiving the award with Ana Brito Melo, the Executive Director of Wavec and Dr Adrian de Andres, Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh.


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