Stephanie Mann

Programme start date: September 2013              

Educational background

I have an MSci in combined Physics with Astronomy with honours of the first class. I studied at the University of Glasgow and graduated in 2013.

What were you doing prior to this programme?

I graduated from University the summer before starting the program. During the course of my study I spent a summer researching the efficiency of thermoelectric generators, which gave me invaluable experience in the energy engineering sector.

What attracted you to studying with IDCORE?

The IDCORE program offers an intense taught year of study which many PhD level post graduate courses don’t. This broadens my knowledge in all aspects of renewable energy. I am also very keen to work in the industry and the 3 year long research project is with an industry and this is very appealing to me.

What attracted you to offshore renewables industry? What aspects of the industry do you find most inspiring, interesting or important for the future?

In 2010, I realised that I wanted to use my degree to do something that was humanitarian and better our planet somehow. Renewable energy, especially in Scotland, is a very up and coming sector and is vital in combating the energy crisis with fossil generation. At this point in my degree I knew that I was skilled technically and I’m very interested in wave and fluid dynamics. That was when I started to tailor my degree to sidestep into renewable energies. I took some extra modules and spent the summer working with the energy engineering group at Glasgow. This only increased my interest in the wave and tidal energies and when the time came to look at my future after my degree I sought out programs that would further my career in offshore renewables.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Although achieving my degree with honours of the first class was a huge success, I feel that some of my proudest moments happened outwith my academic career. In 2010 I completed a sponsored cycle to raise money to travel to Bangladesh. I cycled 100 miles in a day, and this was all due to extensive training and perseverance.

What ambition would you like to fulfil as a Research Engineer?

I want to make meaningful contributions to the renewable sector. I would love my work to be applicable, and to further the reliability and economic viability of renewables in Scotland.

Experience with IDCORE so far

I have only just started the IDCORE program but I have received a very warm welcome and have high hopes for the next 4 years.

Stephanie Mann, IDCORE Research Engineer
Stephanie Mann, IDCORE Research Engineer

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