Professor Lars Johanning

Professor Lars Johanning is the IDCORE manager at the University of Exeter.


Course Organiser:

  • Marine Operations, Condition Monitoring and Reliability
  • Moorings and Reliability


Main Supervisor:

  • 'Development and validation of Full Scale Lab based Tidal Turbine drive train ‘Accelerated Life Time’ testing methodologies', Ampea Karikari-Boateng, Narec
  • 'Modelling and Optimising of Pelamis Wave Power’s O&M Strategy', Anthony Gray, Pelamis Wave Power


  • 'Assessment of next generation offshore wind turbine foundations and installation methodologies', Gabriel Marsh, E.ON
  • 'Numerical study of a real floating wind turbine', Raffaello Antonutti, EDF Energy
  • 'Offshore wind O & M ‘ECUME’ tool', Rebecca Martin, EDF Energy
  • 'Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimisation', Ajit Pillai, EDF Energy
  • 'Characterisation of the All-Waters Test Facility', Samuel Draycott, Flowave TT

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Programme Partner: 

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