Eve Andrews

EngD Project Title: Offshore Wind Circular Economy

Industrial Partner: SSE Renewables

About Eve

Eve has a background in Chemical Engineering, having studied a Master's degree at the University of Hull and then working as a process design engineer at an SME.  Eve was attracted to studying with IDCORE as it seemed a perfect way to retrain in renewables while combining industry with academia. The programme is extremely well rounded which has proved useful while embarking on a new career direction.

The fact that Britain is an island and a technical hub for renewable energy means that the offshore renewables industry holds promising answers to helping in the climate and energy crisise. Eve has always been drawn to renewable energy, having grown up in the shadow of one of Britain's first industrial wind turbines and being able to combine her passion of engineering with her love of the sea is particularly inspiring.

Eve would like to focus her research on answering some of the bigger questions about a relatively new industry, and help to make wind energy not only renewable but sustainable.


IDCORE Research Engineer - Eve Andrews
IDCORE Research Engineer - Eve Andrews
Eve Andrews Poster Feb 2023 - click to enlarge
Eve Andrews Poster Feb 2023 - click to enlarge

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